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brian254 My one chance at life.
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A reboot of sorts. Third world problems.

Hi doc.

by brian254

Hi doc, It's a process, a reboot of sorts, 30 seconds to be precise.

Hi doc, It was a shock, a novelty of sorts, for the pupils who made a crowd.

Hi doc, It's weary, a pain of sorts, for he was asked to leave school.

Hi doc, It's skeptic, a suspicion of sorts, for he mentioned him in his dark.

Hi doc, It was a herbalist, a medicine man of sorts, for he knew the mentioned in his dark.

Hi doc, It was not stupidity, gullibility of sorts, for you couldn't explain the mentioned.

Hi doc, It's painful, a wound of sorts, for his mother said I was in a cult.

Hi doc, It's rampant, a routine of sorts, for he falls 3 times a day.

Hi doc, It's haunting, 3 months of sorts, for at 6 years he misses school.

Hi doc, It's a spell, an epilepsy of sorts, for its always accompanied by priapism.

Hi doc, It's a condition, a curse of sorts, for the AED's you requested don't work.

Hi doc, help me!

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