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brewedthoughts I write to feel, I feel to write.
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Don't rush the process of healing; be brave, be strong and learn to love yourself. No matter how broken you are, there's still hope for redemption.


I was walking down the ruins of what could have been.

Beautiful remains haunt me everywhere I turn.

Fragments of our fondest memories drives me to the edge.

Grazed by the rubble of broken promises and lies.

The soothing warm touch was replaced by the cold breeze of this run down place.

As time passed by, I've grown accustomed to the wreckage.

My once fragile self had enough.

Mustering all my courage and strength, I picked up the broken pieces and put it back together.

It may not look as pretty but it was restored.

The collapse paved way to build a strong sanctuary. An oasis where the pain of the past can never be felt.

My refuge.

It was once the ruins of my ran down past. It screamed false hope and flooded by wasted tears.

Now stood a beautiful tower, lessons of the past as the foundation.

Decorated with unique cracks, the prettiest I have ever seen.

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