Cuddling With a Memory
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brendanwagner Community member
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This poem goes in conjunction with "Bliss in Ignorance" and "Your Fool". It was written about someone extremely dear to me.

Cuddling With a Memory

I can still feel your thigh

Rubbing against mine

The cool of your skin

The goosebumps you have for me

I can still sense your hand

Wrapped up in mine

Your thumb softly rubbing

Reassuring me its ok

I can still your face pressing into my chest

Hiding your smile

Your nose burrowing into me

Seeking comfort hidden inside

I can still feel your hot breath on my neck

Slowly, patterned breathing

You grip my arm in your sleep

And I squeeze back to let you know I’m here

I can still see your bright eyes when you wake

Watching the confusion in them turn to warmth

The kindness calls to me

To let me know I’m safe

Despite your absence

I can still feel you here

I lay here cuddling

with a memory

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