Boulder at My Ankle
Boulder at My Ankle anxiety stories

brendanwagner Community member
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A poem that I originally wrote in 11th grade (2015). I wrote it at the time to personify the creeping stress and anxiety I was not dealing with. But authorial intent is whatever, take away whatever you like from it.

Boulder at My Ankle

There is a pebble at my ankle

Connected by a thin wire

It slaps my heel as I walk

And skips along the ground

But it is of no consequence to me

This pebble at my ankle

There is a stone at my ankle

Multitudes of cables braided into a metal vine

Keeping it securely linked to me

It scrapes along the ground

Smacking at my legs

This stone at my ankle

There is a rock at my ankle

Chained to me in a malicious coil

Weighing down every step

I feel weariness creep onto me

As the it drags behind

This rock at my ankle

There is a boulder at my ankle

Malevolently binded by spiked shackles

I try to leave but the boulder is unmoving

The boulder dwarfing me in its shadow

I lay in complete defeat, forever unmoving

With this boulder at my ankle

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