Bliss in Ignorance
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brendanwagner Community member
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This poem goes in conjunction with "Your Fool" and "Cuddling with a Memory". Written when listening to an intimate song (if you know the song, you will be able to guess it), thinking about someone very special to me. While it may not entirely reflect how I feel now, it did at the time when it was written.

Bliss in Ignorance

I lie in bed thinking of you

Of course what else do I do

My stomach is in knots

In my head there is a storm

Melancholy extends a hand

Like an old friend

And of course I oblige

As I lay here in bed

Cuddling with a memory

I continue to skip

Song after song

Song after song

Searching for something to resonate

Nothing being able to satisfy me

Then a favorite track of mine plays

The funky bassline strikes me

The hairs on the nape of my neck

Standing at attention

I know this song like my own hands

But in this moment

It’s as if I’m hearing it for the first time again

And then the first lyrics reach me

Delivered by an almost tearful falsetto

For a moment I lose my breath

Everything going on in me ceases

The storm dies down

The knots are undone

And for once I don’t feel alone

Still not the greatest feeling ever

But for once I did not feel alone

In this 3 minute audio file

I am taken to a different place

It is still dark and sad

But without the turmoil

And with that came clarity

The song pulsing in my ears

And I recant on my time with you

When euphoria ran through my veins

When you were in my arms

Everything came together

I wanted nothing more

And life was whole

After you left we tried to keep contact

Nothing more than hollow fragments

Of the way I used to feel

The stories you tell me now

Are as a pugilist with bloodlust

Telling me of your new lovers

Truly, there is ignorance in bliss

I’m reminded of how you’ve never been mine

Intimate nights have been shared

And heartfelt conversations were had

But I never was able to call you mine

You say we may be together one day

Please don’t make me wait forever

As the song closes, my vision is blurred by tears

I wonder, is the person that matters most

Worth sending myself in a depressive spiral

I would wait years to be together with you

Because being with you is better late than never

But it’s time to be honest with myself

You’ll always be the one that got away

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