Again I see you...
Again I see you...  hesitate stories

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Trying to love... after being fooled.

Again I see you...

In front of me submissive as ever... your lips quiver and yearn for love...

While I hesitate..........

After a storm that took all to bare it, and here I lay weary and barely coherent, your patience strong and firm with merits.

I hesitate...............

Lost in weather stretched through all the sky, give into you; your heart implies, though contrast clouds haunts all that lies. I hesitate..........

For who or where do I belong? For where on earth has my love gone? like open ears with a soundless song. The grey has blurred what's right and wrong.

No pen to write a structured song, this interlude goes on and on. how long before your heart moves on?

I hesitate...........

Time draws near I will not admit it, though time ignore loves intuition, all of the lessons I've been given, has brought me too this final mission.

although my life's beyond encrypted, the darkness present is non-existent. Exact of all of your predictions.. If you leave..

I hope I don't hesitate....

Thanks for your presence... :)

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