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Akio, mr.carefree life of the party and Dyon the stuck up stick in the mud couldn't be anymore different, but when their paths keep crossing could it be fate in the works? Or maybe, just a sick joke.

Sick-ish is about two guys with differing lifestyles learning to get out of their comfort zones and grow together, or if your not falling for that sappy talk it's about a whole lot of gay shenanigans and timeless teen cliches that'll make your heart melt and head spin.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


1 • Prologue

Dyons never been one for stuffy parties and cheap booze but to be fair he's never been one for anything that didn't involve the security of his house and bed.

He had only been left alone for a few minutes but his uncomfortable meter was off the charts.

Thinking about the stuffed animals and multiple decoration pillows piled onto his broken mattress made him swoon and wish he was in his room, alone,

but that lovely thought was cut off abruptly by a stranger bumping into his shoulder and spilling their drink all over his fathers shoes.

My dad was gonna kill me, He immediately thought flinching.

He didn't own any name brand sneakers and wasn't sure of how to dress for this after-game party so he had borrowed his dads church loafers hoping it didn't look to formal.

The drunk girl who knocked into him wailed immediately and he attempted to comfort her telling her it was no big deal and she didn't have to cry, but she still did though.

Even though he couldn't hear her wheezing and apologizing clearly because of the music her snotty scrunched up face was enough to get the point across.

Giving her an awkward hug he went on his way, now with a faint stain of...slob? On his shirt.

The air was filled with thin smoke from the vapes being used in the living room, it made Dyons eyes burn but even that was nowhere as bad as the thumping music.

Seriously, why would anything need to be that loud, do any of you plan to be able to hear past 20? he winced wishing his ears had an off switch.

He felt like an old man in the midst of  a teen romcom and was not liking it.

The guy beside him was doing Jell-O shots out of some girls belly button while a group of what could only be assumed to be ex convicts hit a makeshift disco ball (made of styrofoam cups

and marbles) with baseball bats and golf clubs. He wholeheartedly couldn't understand how any of this would be considered fun especially when the cops were likely to get called.

The brown loafers squished with every step making the urge to rip off his own feet prominent in his mind. Wet socks was not a pleasant feeling.

Pulling an outdated phone out of his pocket he sent a charming text to the only person at this party he semi-trust.

Dyon • I have no idea where you are but as soon as I find you all of your chokers will be burned. Get me out of here

Gwin • omg it's only been like what? 20 minutes since I left you are you seriously sick already???

Dyon • beyond sick I'm in my casket

Gwin • have you even talked to anyone? Or anybody? Or any guys ;) ;)

Dyon • Gwin, I'm physically contracting mesothelioma as we speak.

Gwin • oh come on! you should atleast try! Plus that condition can't be cured my child but I can lend you a lung if you want 😔

Dyon • your my child if anything and whatever, I'm serious I'm ready to go this place is wild. The guy at the snack table just set a bowl of Tostitos on fire

Gwin • that's cool as hell get a pic and fine fine, meet me outside in five

Dyon sighed rubbing his forehead and snapped a discreet picture of the flaming corn snacks crackling in pain as the snack table guy shouted he was the "fire king".

Dyon has known Gwin for 17 years now and she hasn't changed a single bit,

whether it was chasing girls she liked  around with worms or getting in trouble for the hell of it she was full of never ending surprises, it was a wonder how they even remained friends.

He had a sneaking suspicion that she keeps him around to document her eventful life and he wouldn't complain - if she didn't insist he get involved as well.

Dyon decided to wash out his shoes before leaving because the sticky feeling began to gnaw at his sanity.

Laughing and muffled shouts echoed from outside and the thumping of pop songs rattled the floor boards, shaking stray balloons tied to banisters and house plants.

Someone had spray painted a schlong if you will on the wall and it was poorly drawn in his opinion.

He pushed open the bathroom door after two unsuccessful tries that landed him in bedrooms where random classmates made out in the dark and a pungent smell hit his nose instantly.

what the hell is that?? Dyon grabbed his face almost instinctively "did something die..." he mumbled without thinking.

A pink haired stranger with way to many bracelets and hair clips hunched over a toilet replied mockingly, "only me, seems like the reapers a little late." They chuckled but their voice shook

" ok?" Without turning  to Dyon they puked into the toilet wiped there mouth and instantly remarked "just peachy!"

They obviously were not but he ignored them and walked to their side reluctantly putting his hand down from his nose. Whoever this was they totally drank to much. "I..

can hold your hair up if you need..

?" Dyons hands were already moving before the stranger had the chance to reply, well not like they could anyway before he knew it they were letting it "rip" again into the porcelain bowl.

This went on for the entirety of a Katy Perry song blasting outside and they suddenly pulled back from the toilet. "Uh..

" Dyon barely mumbled a reaction before the stranger grabbed the collar of his polo shirt and yanked him into a kiss.

He licked Dyons lip startling him even more and without notice their tongues were clashing.

Your first anything will always be memorable, it'll have a deep impact on your life and who you are as a person, or more importantly who you grow to be.

On that night, Dyon had his first kiss with a pretty drunk asian guy with horrible fashion sense.

"A reward for the help!" The stranger pulled from their kiss and his pink hair draped lazily over his eyes and smiled faintly with one arm draped over Dyons neck.

Dyons mind went blank and the taste in his mouth also, luckily was null as well,

and without another moment passing the pretty stranger collapsed onto the floor mumbling along to the song playing downstairs.

But Dyon was too shocked to notice the stranger was saying the lyrics wrong,

he had never held hands before let alone hug anyone who wasn't family but now he had just experienced his first  kiss with a guy,

something he only daydreamed about in secret and it was not what he expected in the slightest.

Dyon quickly stood up, face flushed pink and dashed out of the bathroom, shoes leaving a slightly sticky trail on the stairs.

He bumped into atleast six different people before the cold salty night air hit his skin.

Who was that, is he going to be ok, am I going to see him again, and why did that feel so amazing repeated like clockwork in his mind.

His thoughts raced back and forth in a an endless circle until a loud car honk cut him off.

Gwin sat in the front seat of her moms mini van parked on the lawn, he practically sprinted over almost expecting if he went fast enough he could outrun his thoughts.

Gwin put out the cigarette she was smoking on the leather seat and leaned out the window.

"What took you so l-" she stopped mid sentence and her face twisted in agony "Dyon holy shit you smell awful did you drink?? You know you're a lightweight.

" she nudged his shoulder laughing "I think I need to go to bed forever." Dyon replied thunking his head onto the dashboard of the car.

He gripped his seatbelt trying his best not to make eye contact.

Gwin could read a person with one look and if she found out he kissed someone let alone had his first kiss with a guy she'd never let me live it down.

The pressure she put on Dyon since freshman year to get a boyfriend has been nothing short of stressful but this would give her the extra boost to throw him into the sea of grindr

for questionable hookups.

"Did something...

happen?" Gwin tapped his dreads "You know you can tell me anything right?" That was a lie Dyon thought, he loved Gwin but she could be a demon at times and had dirt on everyone in town.

Her stare began to burn into his neck and he was still blushing. "Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened I'm ready to go home, and stay there.

" His cheeks burned even more recollecting the softness of the strangers lips and the bitter taste in his mouth.

"Your absolute positive nothing happened?" She put her hand down from my head and placed it on the steering wheel.

"absolutely mom" He managed to squeak out "I thought I was your child?" Gwin taunted and Dyon grunted in response, with that she started the car and they were on our way.

He took one last glance back at the house and leaned his head onto the window, never again he shut his eyes tightly never again will I go to another party.

His soggy shoes scuffed against the cars interior but little did he know that there were worst feelings than wet socks on cold nights.

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