End of the world
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Welcome to the end of life as we know it

End of the world

If the world were to end Would life start again Or would it send Earth into a wasteland Will the end of the world Affect us at all Or did it already happen In a past life Of grief and strife

Would we all be dead Shot through the head Poisoned by lead Died in our bed Met our end Is it just around the bend Is it just ahead Or off in a distant land

Has it already happened Is this the apocalypse Did it start in 2012 Did the world go to hell Down the rabbit hole, we fell We fight and we kill They numb us will pills Tell us to chill

Has anxiety got to me Stung with it by a passing bee Or do I truly see What nobody else can see Or does everybody see And choose to ignore Distracted by more and more Not solving problems Not finding solutions Just starting revolutions That are worse than before Just stop and solve them

Nowhere to flee Forced into place Can't they just leave me be With the grades I ace Full of possibility It always the same case That will cause The whole fucking world to end They expect too much Get it done by lunch All I want to do is punch The people who expect This from me

If we rely Upon a handful of people Then we sentence ourselves To die A painful Excruciating Death That just might End The World This is where we're at Were causing The End Of The World

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