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Looks can be deceiving but lets not fall into the 'looks' trap.


by bottlingmagic

Your voice,

It's like a melody and it won't leave my head

Your eyes,

Which are my new favourite colour, the moment I saw those perfect eyes it made me fall for you, really hard.

That nose,

Silly of me, right? Loving a nose.

It's the only nose I like kissing in the morning

Your smile,

Which makes me feel happy in those days when everything seemed impossible to me.

Your ears,

Which were blessed to hear my 3 a.m calls, the nights when I was worrying about the things I shouldn't had to worry about.

Your hands,

Which made me feel warm and secure

Your laugh,

Which made me forget everything I was going through and only your laugh could me happy. Your laugh was the best medicine to me.

Your face,

Which was a god's gift, god didn't overlook making a human like you. Everything carved on your face was perfect.

Everything is absolutely great about you, everything.

But . . .

What about the heart you carry?

That's not exactly beautiful.

It's a mess, I must say.

In the end, it's not about the body you have, it's the soul you have.

Though I'm a firm believer of Karma but I don't think so the Karma thing works on you.

To all the girls out there, looks can be deceiving. Don't fall for the guys who use you and take advantage. In the end, it's you who suffer not them.

'Because men cannot stain their reputation'


Simply, don't judge the book by it's cover.

You never know what's in the inside when you have only been to the outside.

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