Something Just Like This

bottlingmagicPakistani | Wattpad: bottlingmagic
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How much you are you going to risk? For getting me? For loving me? Because we are just humans believing in fantasies.

Something Just Like This

by bottlingmagic

We were ordinary human beings, Chasing our so called dreams.

Although, in reality we were just humans

The dream we both shared was 'Love'

You told me you weren't capable of making me feel safe

But oh, did I tell you that your presence was enough to keep me safe, it was a blessing even if you weren't my superhero.

We were two delusional beings both in love with fantasies,

But wait? Do fantasies really exist? Or are they just...

Cinderella after midnight?

I'm not looking for somebody, With some superhuman gifts.

I just want you, only you.

Because I started believing fairytales when you...

Came into my life which was empty

Yeah, oh, I want something just like this.

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