Salty Tears
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Elliot Parker, a single day doesn't pass by without you.

Salty Tears

Dearest Elliot,

I stand here by the shore under the sun

With my feet in the sand

The ocean roars at my presence

It seems I'm no longer welcomed here

The horizon; the one which you showed me

It's just a fine line now

Wish we could turn back time

The ocean seems to have lost its colour, Elliot.

The birds have migrated south.

You have left me torn in this world.

Let the ocean has its colour back

So I can have my shade back.

Come back Elliot, it's not a single day when I don't cry...

Salty tears, the tears which fill the ocean

My heart is now void it needs love, only yours and forever



The girl standing by the ocean with her feet in the sand when you last brought her.

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