Never Noticed
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I was never noticed in high school; never felt, never touched, never loved, never cared because life is one heck of an adventure.

Never Noticed

by bottlingmagic

I was the never noticed girl in high school.

But I didn't care

Nor will it ever affect me in my future career

Because being loved by someone doesn't take you anywhere...

I know many of you will disagree with my statement...

Maybe I have said that because I don't know how does it feel

Being loved, being cared, being touched

This high school drama won't take you anywhere

It won't improve your grades, your CV and your life

Stepping out of high school is equal to getting out

From a love sick drama where two kinds of people known as

The Bad Boy and the Good Girl. Because unfortunately

They haven't yet caught the bad girl.

Good girls are bad girl that haven't been caught.

That's what they say even the 5sos.

I'll just be me. Through and through. Bad & Good together.

I don't know if someone asks me out in the future.

But if someone asks me out, you already know the answer.

It will be a fucking yes.

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