I Wish You Were Here
I Wish You Were Here scarred---love stories

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I wish you were here, the thought of being not with you has scarred my life.

I Wish You Were Here

by bottlingmagic

Every day waking up to find not sleeping with you is painful

You can not imagine the distress you have caused in my life

You probably are wondering, that I'm overreacting?

I'm not, you have used me many times and the feeling doubles

It doubles every time plus it also gets worse and guess what

I wish you were here...

The thought of being not with you has scarred my life

After all you've done, I still look up to all those things

You did with me and I simply say, "I've moved on".

As simple as ABC, because I've learned my life lesson

Sometimes, letting go is better than holding on

That is my lesson and thank you for being in my life though

You only have been for a short time but the short time is

Worth a lesson, I still love you but those three words are

Only words, I am only in love with the thought of loving you

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