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You only live once, make yourself the best human.


by bottlingmagic

Why an elixir of life, when you can feel, dead and alive,

At the same time.

I know it doesn't make sense,

Life's once, but wait life is one joke yet to be cracked?

Ain't it?

You can make it the best joke or the best story, no?

It's up to you, whether you make it...

A one big joke or a best selling story,

Every day is like a new page.

Every lesson is like a new chapter.

It doesn't end because life is not supposed to end

When you live in the moment.

People walk away in your life some join in,

Why? Because they love you story.

They want to be a part of it,

All of the adventures, dramas, traumas.

They are just the new characters of the book.

Waiting for their role to be played.

Whether they are going to love or hurt you.

Just remember, don't make your life a joke.

You only live once.

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