My Sister, Eternal

boringghoulA sickly girl who loves to write
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The story of my best friend, and how we reconnected after many years.

My Sister, Eternal

by boringghoul

Once I had a friend.

We met I was ten, and she was nine. Both new to this school, starting in to grade 5. Both from the city, across the mountain’s line.

By her birthday,

she was now 10, and I was 11, we were mistaken as twins. Long blonde hair, hazel eyes, baby cheeks and 5 feet high. We were never apart, always side by side.

Come sixth grade,

and she was 5 feet and 2 times an inch, I was 5 feet. Her hair was long and blonde, mine was short and faded to brown. She had many friends, and I had none. Oh, but I had her; my sister.

Her grades rose, as mine fell.

She was the pinnacle of health, as I grew ill. I had to change schools- this country town could not accommodate me- sickly. So now I only saw her when she’d allow, perhaps once a week.

Somehow, we stayed together.

Most weeks. Most holidays, every birthday. Though, there were times when the string felt faded, months where our meetings would fail. But we'd come back, we'd tie the string again.

I was 17, and she was 16.

She had a boyfriend. She replaced me.

The thread, it broke.

An explosion, it blew it up. I was too sick, too lonely, too hurt. She was had college, an abusive mother. She had a boyfriend to comfort her. I wasn’t needed, and she couldn’t help me.

A year.

Two years. Almost three, I had this friend on the internet. See, we didn’t talk; only liking, reblogging. But I acknowledged them, I cherished them. With them, I didn't feel alone.

Four years have gone by.

My friend, my sister, she came back to me. She’d been there, liking and reblogging.

Our thread,

it wasn’t cut. A small spindle held on. Now we’ve tied it, mended it. Not even fire could break it.

She’s going away, soon.

Into the military. Across the country. But we’ll hold strong, we’ll stay bound. I know we will, because...

We are sisters.

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@boringghoul They will improve as your frequency of writing increases so will your polish.

boringghoulA sickly girl who loves to write
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@bernardtwindwil Oh~ thank you! I'm rusty when it comes to poetry, I've hardly written any in many years. It feels nice to be back in the game, hopefully my skills will improve as I exercise them!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
That is a sweet story. I loved it. It could use proofreading. But the bones of a feel good poem are there and strong. You can pour your heart out here. There are sisters and brothers aplenty here. There are some aunties and uncles. I will be your granddad. You will receive​ unfettered support here.