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bookworm123 My life is a meme
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Can you talk to someone on the other side?


by bookworm123

They had put a stone. A black stone.

The night made it hard to see it, but the stone reflected the moon light. She bent down beside it, careful not to step on the sacred ground.

But she could touch the stone. That was okay.

She pressed her fingertips against the stone, its surface cooling down her blood. She grabbed around it with her whole hand, as if it was the only thing holding her back from a breakdown.

She closed her eyes. They had polished the stone, she could feel it. It was smooth and chill. She shakingly took in a breath and let the oxygen fill her lungs.

How lucky she was, to be able to do that.

She felt like she had to do something, but she couldn't come up with anything, it was like the words were stuck at the edge of her tongue. She opened her mouth anyway, and the words were spilled.

"Hey..." she started.

"It's... it's night right now."

"Your mother wouldn't let me come. She said it's my fault."

"And I think she's right."

"But it wasn't on purpose, I swear."

"I didn't come, as I didn't wanted a big show."

"But it killed me inside, to stay at home"

"I had to come. I had to say goodbye"

"You made me realise, that today I'm walking up here, but tomorrow, I'll be down there, with you"

"Can you forgive me? Please?"

"I miss you. I'll miss you forever"

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