bookworm123I'm surrounded by idiots
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When you play with fire, you will get burned. But what if it is on purpose?


by bookworm123

She sat comfortably in front of the fireplace

A hot mug of cacao in her hands

She felt the warmth from the fire and from the drink.

She took a big sip, making a slurping sound

Her eyes were stuck at the fire. It seemed to be dancing.

It seemed to be alive

The warmth crept all the way in to her heart.

It was a warmth she hadn't felt in a long time

Now the fire was inside her. Her heart danced like the fire

She sat down the mug.

She moved closer to the fire. Unconsciously.

She wanted to touch it. She needed to touch it.

Her fingers kissed the flames. She couldn't feel the pain.

She needed more.

Soon it was her arms. Her chest. Her heart. It tickled.

She tossed her head backwards and laughed.

Then there was nothing. Nothing at all.

Time passed. Then one day, someone found something.

A pile of ashes near a fireplace. A memory of a laugh.

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