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My greatest fear.


by bookworm123

If you hate spiders as much as I do: Don't read this!

Why am I even writing this? Well, I was given a prompt idea (you know, the one that pop up when you wanna create a story). It said: "What scares you?" Spiders were the first thing that came me.

I just don't get why they were created. What the heck is their purpose? They are only here to scare the living shit out of me!

I mean, seriously, every time I see a spider, the first thing I do is to scream. This has gotten me in some, well, awkward situations.

For example: Once, I was travelling and we stopped to rest. I had to use this really nasty toilet. And, forced, I did my business, flushed, washed my hands, even dried them (but in my clothes).

And then I turn around and see what? A f**king spider is sitting and the door, right in head level! And I swear, to this day, I have never been more scared or shocked. What did I do then?

I screamed. Very, very loud.

I killed my own ears (not really, but you get me). And my mother, who was on the other side of the door, shouted: "What's going on?" (in Danish) and pounded a few times, hard, at the door.

The spider fell down. On the floor.

I screamed even more, and jumped on the toilet (the lid (what is that thing even called?) was down, chill). Luckily, (no, I wasn't lucky. If i was, it wouldn't had been there) it walked away.

Wait, does a spider even walk? Don't they, like, crawl? I'm quite sure they don't walk. Only someone with two legs walk, and a spider has like, a hundred more legs than necessary.

Okay, I don't want to talk about spiders anymore. Please, never prank me with a spider, as I will scream at it, and then scream at you, when I find out it's a prank. Spider pranks are no-go!

Okay. Just wanted to share this with you. So, um...


Oh God there's a spider on your shoulder! Look out!

Just kidding. Don't take revenge. Please. Don't.

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