A memory
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bookworm123I'm surrounded by idiots
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Just a note from the weird human being, called Me

A memory

By Bookworm123

Once, a person told me

"I wanna live, not just survive"

And I asked,

"How do you live?"

But I didn't get an answer.

How can anyone answer that question?

So I decided: Let me try to live

So what did I do?

I went to the damn library, and lend half of the building.

Because, I live through books.

Through someone else's ideas.

I live in my own imagination.

I'm the monarch of Fantasia

And I love it.

I do it often.

Cause that's how I live.

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bookworm123I'm surrounded by idiots
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I enjoy books but there is nothing better than going out and seeing travel meet new people jump out of a plain and free fall a couple of hundred feet get out on the ocean and go through a hurricane explore caves the run for miles underground reach the underground river and paddle along as far as it will take you reading about it is good doing it is great I've been living a long time but i still like to sit down with a good book A great story even if i disagree with the outcome