The Night Owl's Visitors
The Night Owl's Visitors stories

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Another star-themed poem.

The Night Owl's Visitors

by BookGirl

I’m the girl up at 2 in the morning,

With a book in her lap,

Pen and paper nearby for late-night inspiration,

Coffee cooling on the stand next to her cross-legged form,

And melodies flowing through her ears.

But her distractions are of no use,

Since her thoughts are in some void,

As she thinks deeply about life and God only knows what.

The girl who can’t sleep again,

Since dreams won’t come easy to her.

And whose eyes keep traveling back to the window,

Staring and waiting for the first light of the night-sky walkers.

The girl who welcomes in her nightly visitors.

For they hide when the day is still up.

Visitors who change into strangers

As the days pass.

But she doesn’t mind,

For stars make the most pleasant company, after all.

Especially to a night owl,

Such as that girl up at 2 in the morning.

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