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My dream


I can't really remember all of it, but I will put what I can remember. I was with two of my male friends and we were flying or trying to fly around a room. I don't know the reason, but one of them told me they didn't have long left to live.

I found a book that had strange symbols, stories and information. On the back cover, it said "People think this is a myth, but they feel guided to use this book when someone is near death so they can go on into that world. The words to take them there just come to them or person trying to take them there"

I took the book and words to chant just started coming to me. I was annoyed at my other friend for interrupting while I was trying to cast this spell in case it messed it up, but it worked and my dying friend vanished into the book. I could hardly believe it.

Then I thought of the potential pitfalls to this. "People are going to think he's gone missing now! Did you record him going into the book ?" My friend shook his head.

I wondered about what to do about this, when we suddenly heard our friends voice talking from this flashing piece of material that was in my hand saying how he could talk to us this way. He couldn't return to earth but he could still be with us in this way.

Happy to hear from our friend, and satisfied that his voice through the magic material would be proof enough that he wasn't missing, With that, my friend and I went on some sort of magical mission to capture some kind of dark force armed with random talismans and the magic cloth.

I wish I could recall the whole dream as I know it was pretty epic, but what I could remember was cool.

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