Fatherless Father
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bonnevivante I write to survive.
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Let tell you about my father, like any other dad yet so different.

Fatherless Father

He was not like other "normal" dads, he was like a brother. No! Not even a brother, how was more like a guest who is spending his life with us not just few days.

I can tell you about the days he refused every favor I asked him, yet did everything I wanted without asking, just by just looking into my eyes.

I can tell you about the nights he made me cry to the point I wished he was dead,

or the nights I cried because he left to the point that I started to bruise myself every night I cried missing him.

I missed our trips, he was funny, yet he used to get angry easily, unfortunately I deeded only the anger part.

Still I am wondering, do I miss the person or do I miss those joyful moments with him!

I believe that there is nothing ugly unless you permit it to be. I learned a lot, therefore, I changed a lot.

Now I do not pray for a good father of mine, I pray for a good father of my kids.

Maybe because of him I have pretty clear ideas about what is like to be married, what does it take to be a parent, and what it is like to leave someone suffering behind you.

What to learn from a broken heart? Not to break someone's heart, not to ignore who cares about you, and mostly not to be a ghost in someone's life.

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