Cadence of the Departed
Cadence of the Departed pain stories

bobthedooropenr An aspiring poet who enjoys writing.
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A poem I created about the slow yet inevitable approach of the end.

Cadence of the Departed

With a heavy heart I watch the sunset

Wondering if I did all I could of done

My mistakes are many and my tears flow like rapids

I look around for help, but alas, there's none

I rest my head against the unforgiving surface

Looking up into the endless void

Cursing my own fragility

Growing ever so annoyed

This can't be the way it ends

I can't fathom the events that took place

I wish I could do it all again

But now it's time for a change of pace

I need to keep moving, if not for myself

For all of those who once believed in me

I may hate the guise thrusted upon my person

But my soul is tainted, my spirit unfree

As long as I have breath in my body

And song still coarses through my veins

I will fight to remove these shackles of burden

And guide the lost souls though the heavy rains

May it be for better or for worse

This is the way to the story's end

The past pushes me forward and the light shines brighter

And with a smile, I can finally face you, my old friend

Thank you for reading!

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