The Ultimate Guide To Writing Fanfiction
The Ultimate Guide To Writing Fanfiction writing fanfiction stories
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A comprehensive overview of how to write fanfiction. Includes all the tips and tricks you'll need to write amazing fanfiction, including special tips on how to make the most out of the Commaful platform for your fanfics!

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Fanfiction

The first important step to writing fanfiction is choosing which fandom you'll be writing from.

Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, and others are very popular fandoms that people write fanfics for and really good on Commaful

The universe will feed your character choices, plots, and more so choose the universe wisely. If you're reading this guide, however, you most likely already have a fandom or universe in mind!

If you don't read fanfiction already, I'd highly recommend reading some popular fanfics in your universe.

This will get you accustomed with what you like and don't like as well as give you ideas of what quality fics for your fandom are.

Remember, for fanfiction, the most important part is the storyline so many popular fics don't have amazing grammar. This is especially true for fics on Commaful.

You should still focus on having good grammar; however, most fanfics are judged on the unique storyline.

For grammar, I'd suggest getting a friend to read it over to help edit for grammar.

There are a number of types of fanfiction. You'll want to choose which type you're working on. Some fanfics are one shots, which means that the fic is finished in one go.

Usually these stories are around 1000 words.

Drabbles are fics that typically have under a few hundred words. These are very short and capture a specific scene in the fic.

There are also fluffs and smuts. Fluffs are usually cute and involve a basic, cute love interest. Smuts go into more of the graphic elements of the relationship.

The first thing you want to think about when designing your fanfiction, is how you want the characters to interact.

Which characters will you include in your fanfiction? How will they interact with each other? Who will you be shipping?

Fanfics can also cross universes or change worlds. For example, High School AUs are popular types where characters are thrown into a high school setting.

Some people may blend universes, like putting Ron Weasley in Star Wars.

Brainstorm the basics of the setting and characters BEFORE you start writing. This will help shape the entirety of the fic and help make sure that thing stay on course.

You should outline the very basics of your fanfic before you start writing as well.

You don't need to have everything figured out, but this can really help the direction and clarity of your fanfiction.

Most stories have some sort of build up to a climax and then a resolution so plan for those points.

When starting your fanfiction, I'd highly recommend that you jump right in. Don't go into background detail unless you really changed up the world.

The details and backgrounds will become clear through the plot of the story.

Most of the best fanfictions dive right into the action and plot and let the reader learn and reveal as they move through.

You should expect that your readers know the series well.

Writer's block WILL hit. If you face writer's block, go back and read more fanfics or read/watch the original. I've found that helps inspire me.

After you finish writing, read through looking for a few key things.

First, make sure that your character stays consistent.

A common mistake is causing the character to change or behave too differently too quickly.

Double check your grammar. While fanfics are generally judged on story, grammar can really pull you out of a good fic.

On Commaful, there are a few special things you can do with your fics as well. You should include images and gifs (or even fanart) with your story.

You can include reaction shots for dramatic impact.

These really help your stories come to life.

After you publish, share your story with Facebook groups and other places where you fandom is so that you will get readers and feedback.

You might get some criticism, but remember not to take things personally. J.K Rowling gets a ton of hate and criticism. Just learn from them and keep writing!

Post your fanfics on Commaful and tag me in the comments fanfics :) I'm excited to read them

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