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Spiderman runs into big fans of his: a mother and her daughter.

You're My Hero

"Mommy! Mommy, look! There he is!" Screamed little Katie, pointing up at the sky. Her pigtails bounced with excitement.

"Wait right here, sweetie." Her mother ran towards the webslinging hero.

"Spiderman!" She yelled. "Spiderman!" He slowed and turned back, dropping in front of her. "My daughter would very much like to meet you, I hope you don't mind..."

Even through his mask, she could make out a wide grin. "Yeah, of course!"

As if on queue, Katie caught up to them and hugged the masked superhero.

"Hi..." He looked to her mother, questionably. "Katie." "Hi, Katie." Katie pulled out of the hug and grinned up at him.

"We just wanted to thank you for last week." Katie lifted up a box.

"What is this?" Spiderman graciously accepted the box and peeked inside. He lifted out a drawing Katie had made first. He knelt down to Katie's level. "Did you draw this?" She nodded.

"This is so good. It should really belong in an art gallery." Katie giggled. "Oh my gosh." He examined the rest of the box. "Did you bake? These look amazing."

He looked back to Katie's mother and his shoulders sagged slightly. "I remember now, you were in the burning apartment complex." Katie's mom nodded, sadly.

"We're staying at my sisters until we get things sorted out." He surprised her by giving her a hug. "You didn't have to do this." He said, gesturing to the box. "A small show of thanks.

" The hero brightened up again. He pulled a bag of chocolate chip cookies out of the box. "You know, I am trying to um watch my figure." He gestured to himself. "So maybe you should each have a cookie with me?"

He dangled the bag in front of Katie's mom. She smiled warmly and accepted a cookie.

He held the bag out to Katie and she excitedly shoved her hand in. "To, Spiderman." Katie's mom said, lifting her cookie.

Spiderman peeled off the bottom of his mask, took a bite and stifled a moan. "To your incredible baking." Katie and her mother beamed.

"Oh crap," he said, finishing his cookie. "I forgot, I have to meet someone."

He smiled, this time without the mask covering it. "It was nice seeing you both again.

" He knelt down and Katie hugged him, her small arms wrapping themselves around his neck.

She whispered into his ear, "you're my hero."

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