Against All Odds
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At the darkest hour, a hero steps up. When all is lost, a hero perseveres. Against all odds, a hero inspires hope.

Against All Odds

There comes a time when darkness prevails, and few hold the light to fight it.

And when that light fails.

A hero must hold on to hope.

Some heroes are born with this hope.

And it turns them into something great.

But even they who have always held it must fight to maintain it.

Some have the hope ripped from them.

Until it tears them apart.

But they are not alone.

And that hope has a way of finding them again.

Sometimes hope is found later in life.

When the past can be defied.

And the true hero, embraced.

Once found, hope never leaves some heroes.

It leads them to glorious battle.

And maintains hope for the ones they love.

It deserts others.

To the point where they may give up on it entirely.

But hope can even worm its way into a villain sometimes.

Hope is staring evil in the face.

Despite how it may have once failed the hero.

Because there are people who rely on their hope. They themselves rely on that hope.

Some people are new at the whole "hero" thing.

But they'll learn along others.

Until they become a hero who inspires hope in others.

Some people are named after the very thing that drives them.

And they instill that hope in others. Or at least try to.

And one day they'll spread hope too.

Hope is never forgotten.

It drives heroes forward.

And is later recognized by those they loved.

Hope brings to some a second chance.

When all that once was is lost.

Hope comes from within.

And is passed down to others.

Who can continue the legacy it leads.

Hope shapes a new generation.

Hope builds a family.

Hope opens the door to new worlds.

Hope brings people together.

Hope saves lives.

Against all odds, a hero must always find hope.

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