The Unknown
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bluesm Just trying to get my life back together
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The Unknown

I will not lie

And claim I am not afraid

Of the unknown

I am terrified

At night

I stare into space

Romanticizing the stars

And the idea of extraterrestrial life

But as the night grows on I fear

Of black holes growing near

And the potential of the earth being consumed by the sun

I love beach vacations

But if I cannot see the earth beneath me

I'm petrified

What is hiding in it's murky depths?

Will I meet my end with water filled lungs, lying in a bed of seaweed?

But one of the most unnerving unknowns is

The Future

What will I become?

Will I ever reach my goals?

Will I be happy?

Will I be satisfied with my life?

Or will I die full of regrets?

There will always be unknowns

I cannot escape them

But I can embrace them

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