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My mother "You're lazy. You never help me. I do everything, and you're just in your room and do nothing. You better start doing something or I'll kick you out!"

"I helped you." Mother "What have you done, huh?" Me "I washed the dishes, cooked, take out the trash,...." Mother "Do you want me to applause you?! You're lazy."

Me "Dad, I think I have a problem. I've distanced myself from people and it scares me how much... I think I've got social anxiety"

My father "So, you have social anxiety?" *laughs*

Me "I visited my therapist. I like talking to her, it's making me feel better. I think it helps me."

Family "You went where?! Are you crazy? They're going to take your driver's license, and you'll end up like a fool. You don't want that, right?"


If I ever learnt something, it's the fact you needn't respect authority,your family, if they put you down and disrespect you. You (and I) DESERVE to be treated right and with respect. Being parent doesn't mean to be control of your child.

My mother and I have never had the "mother-daughter" relationship. I stopped talking to her about "girl's stuff", it doesn't seem to bother her much, either. She doesn't respect my opinions. Remember, you're worth love. You deserve to be loved, happy and smiling. Respect everyone, take no sh*t.

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