Your Wonderland
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bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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A sign beckons you to come. It doesn’t matter where you are.

Your Wonderland

Now I know the word “Wonderland” sounds a bit cliche, so to speak. But you might like this one.

Coming in you will see your favorite place to rest. Whether it is a room full of bean bags and IT filled walls or a cozy chair by the fireplace with walls of knowledge, its all up to your liking.

Here to your right you see the more activity filled area, maybe you like playing sports or creating something beautiful, all the necessities will be provided for you.

Oh, and that to your left is a, well, umm...

If you know where babies come from you know what thats all about.

Oh sorry, you wanted to know where this is? Oh come on, you’ve been here plenty.

Welcome to your imagination.

But dont mind that bloody door that says “Do Not Enter”.

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