Wandering Trouble (1)
Wandering Trouble (1) action stories

bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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He dreams of peace from his deeds, but he keeps committing them. He knows that If he doesn’t someone else will. And that’s just as bad.

Wandering Trouble (1)




The sound of drops reverberated in the basement. The table was getting wet. The bombardment of the bunker has created a lot of cracks in the walls and ceiling.

Jan was sitting at the desk with papers neatly stacked. With his face planted on the table he was in his own world for the time being.


Jan was awakened by a piece of concrete smashing inches from his face. 

Jesus, he thought, that would've been an interesting ending to this whole project.

Behind him a the metal door was kicked in letting in the sound of gunfire and explosions. "We have to move! Lets go!"

The soldier didn't wait for Jan to react but went to get the others out of their bunkers. Jan grabbed all he had left of his life and started throwing it in his suitcase.

He picked up a picture and put it gently in the case after surrounding it with a towel.




The papers, he thought, oh god please be fine. Jan jumped to the table and saw the papers glued with drops. It will be fine, he reassured himself and put them in the suitcase.

Outside of the bunker soldiers were getting shot and retreated. Twenty or so soldiers passed Jan's bunker before he came out, leaving him with dead bodies all around him.

Dust was clouding any vision and you could only make out just a few lights flashing from the barrels of guns and artillery.

Which way to go? Jan was not sure, he saw no one around him, that is, alive. Jan, not wanting to wait, covered his mouth with his shirt and wandered out into the dust clouds around him.

He was avoiding any flashing lights and whenever he saw one turned to the opposite direction. He ran into cars, trucks and boats but no living thing.

Good, he thought, I just need to avoid everyone. 

Jan pushed on until he stumbled onto a gas station. Being tired from all the walking he decided to stop here.

There seemed to be nothing around this building so he doubted anyone would find him here.

The dust was still everywhere and although it cleared somewhat it still made it impossible to see anything for certain.

The glass of the sliding doors was broken so he stepped right through the door. The shelved were still filled with groceries and sweets and other handy things.

Jan saw a chair right at the counter and went straight to it for a sit. Before him was a bottle of Brandy, very convenient. Jan picked it up and wiped the dust off the label.

No, he though, I need to stay alert. He put the bottle back down on the counter and turned around to be faced with the barrel of a gun.

"Who are you?" asked the bearded man behind the gun.

Jan slowly stood up from the chair with his hands up, "Who are you?"

The bearded man shook his gun at him, "I'm not playing around."

Jan dropped his hands and startled his attacker into doing a light jump.

"We both know that if any of us fires a gun its game over, right?" the bearded man stood silent, sweating, blinking the dust out of his eyes.

Jan continued, "and how do you know I don't have anyone outside that will rush in here at any sign of trouble?"

The bearded man took some steps back, "look, I don't want no trouble I just-"

Jan grabbed the bottle of Brandy behind him and smashed it into the man's head.



The man was on the floor, bleeding from his head with pieces of glass stuck to his bald head. From the edge of the of the room Jan herd a muffled cry.

He looked toward the bathroom and saw that it was barricaded with wood. Taking the gun from the man he slowly walked toward the bathroom.

Outside the dust was clearing and the sun was able to shine some light onto the coarse dirt.

Jan was now stood before the wooden barricade of the bathroom and kicked the wood. He broke each plank which was nailed to the sides of the door frame.

The bathroom was pitch black and seemed to be covered in mud. Jan looked behind him to see anything to light the room but saw nothing.

He turned back to the bathroom just in time to dodge a woman trying to hit him with a metal pipe. The woman swung from over her head and fell from the force she tried to hit him with.

He looked at her with his gun pointing, she was not getting up. Jan started walking around her slowly. She was still alive, he could see that.

As he got around to her side he kicked her over to face him.

Her face was in tears, covered in dirt and small cuts. "Please" she moaned, "I'm not one of them! He was not one of them!" 


The woman's eyes exploded with blood and her head fell to the ground. 

Jan dropped to the ground. 

"I told you to be alone Jan."

Jan looked up to see who it was. I was just about to- his thoughts were cut short by a yell.

"Can you get the hell over here?!"

It was hard working with William.

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