Dort and His Ways
Dort and His Ways bar stories
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bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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Dort was walking down the streets of the city. His short curly hair was being mangled by the wind making his hair look more like a tornado then anything. He was not worried about this, he knew he looked good no matter what.

Dort and His Ways

Dort was walking down the streets of the city. His short curly hair was being mangled by the wind making his hair look more like a tornado then anything.

He was not worried about this, he knew he looked good no matter what.

He finally reached the door he meant to enter. Sign above read, “Charlie’s Bar”.

As he swung it in and filled his nose with the smell of booze he was even more at ease, not knowing his hair is basically wrapping knots on his head.

A few heads turned as he walked towards the bar.

Dort was not fazed by people eyeing him, he knew he drew attention. He his smile grew as he walked up to the bar, which for him was elbow high, and jumped up on the stool slapping the bar table.

He slightly overestimated his stool jumping ability which made his stool spin just a bit too much making him look like a kid messing with a chair.

Dan, having clearly noticed that, fluidly finished the drink he was making and strode to him.

“Why the hell are you making a scene?”

Dort, looking out into the bar said, “A scene? You know me, I’m cool.”

“Yeah, sure. Now can you get your hair in order it looks like a raccoon went wild in it.”

Dort brushed his hair quickly with his hand, “Hah, funny. Now how’s your life going?”

Dan’s eyebrows lowered, “The usual. Look I’m still working, I can’t afford talking with you right now.”

Dort threw his hands into the air, “What? Come on, you’re a bartender you talk to people all the time.”

“Stop. Seriously, either buy a drink or go and do something else.” Dan was looking around and seeing some people observing their talk.

Before Dort could reply a girl across the bar asked for a drink and Dan loosened up as he took the order.

Dort was looking at what was happening with a frown. The girl was chatting up Dan while he was sitting here by himself. He leaned his head a little and though about this situation.

There was no one else that he knew at the bar and it was quite empty. He made his decision.

The girl hearing steps coming towards her looked at Dort. The smile she had while talking to Dan diminished as he stoped next to them.

“Hi,” said Dort slapping his hands on his jeans.

There was a bit of an awkward silence as the girl stared him down before saying, “What’cha want?”

Dort hasn’t though this out so he just stood there thinking for a bit. Dan spilled a bit of the drink he was making as he put it down on the bar.

He opened his mouth for a second but nothing came out. The girl was staring at Dort, not even paying a single bit of attention to him.

She raised her eyebrows, “Well?”

An elongated “I” blurted out of Dort before he said, “just want to talk.”

The girl looked at Dan, “Do you know this guy?”

Dan had his finger in the air and his mouth open but Dort spoke over him.

“Of course!”

Dan smiled at the girl and shrugged.

She gave him a displeasing look and turned back to Dort. He saw her face and grew a bit anxious.

“I don’t want your company, thank you.” She said with a few hand gestures and attempted to resume her talk with Dan.

“But, I am with Dan! You can’t just talk to him and not me, we are like bananas growing from the same stem.”

“Yes you are bananas,” she said and laughed at both of them. “Look, whatever you want, I am not interested. You got that?”

Dort looked at Dan who was set in stone behind the bar. He tried to think of a comeback but was blank. In a fit of anger he kicked the the stool the girl was sitting on making it tip.

Dan was wide eyed as he saw the girl hit the floor with her bottom, her drink spilling all over her hair and face.

“Are you crazy!?” Yelled Dan. “You need to leave now!” He pointed at the door.

“What? Come on, you cant just...” His speech stopped as he saw the ferocious face of the girl rising from the floor.

Dort tried to step back but he ran into the chest of another man standing right behind him.

As soon as Dort’s face turned toward to girl again his whole right side of his face burned with the rage of a disgruntled woman.

He saw the edge of the bar table before his balance failed him and his head decided to have a hard meeting with it.

Dort awoke on a bench not far from the bar with Dan sitting beside him having a smoke.

“Who the hell does she think she is? Why can that girl talk to you while you work and I can’t?” Dort demanded from Dan.

“She is my manager. You may not want to come back, ever. Otherwise I no longer have a job.” Dan got up, threw his half finished cigarette onto the street before him and made his way to the bar.

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