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today's prompt: paranoid


by bluelines

She took some deep breaths to calm herself before she opened the door to enter the bar.

She bumped into a short guy who was in a hurry to exit and her papers and her books toppled to the floor.

The guy mumbled "Sorry" while he was moving away to exit.

She looked around and noticed that the bar was already crowded with an odd mixture of working class types from the nearby warehouses, students and members of the business establishment.

She picked up her stuff from the floor and saw the girls already sitting there at a table in the corner.

They finalized a project for class together and the girls wanted to celebrate it with some drinks.

She was excited and terrified both at the same time as they asked her to join them but she was sure, that they only asked her because they somehow felt obliged to do this.

She was just a necessary member of this project team, which didn't mean that they also appreciated her company. So she said "I'm busy with other stuff and I don't know yet if I can make it."

The girls were sitting in a huddle around the table. Probably they were talking badly about her.

Probably they were saying that she was annoying and awkward and that they were happy that she couldn't come, while they were planing mean stuff that they wanted to do to her.

Maybe one of them fancied her boyfriend and they were plotting to steal him from her.

Suddenly all these thoughts flashed through her head and she was sure that it was a big mistake to come here,

but only once she wanted to have the feeling that she, too, belonged here.

As she was just about to leave before they could take notice of her presence, one of the group caught her eye and beckoned her over with a smile.

"Alicia! Hey! It's so good to see you! We are just planning my birthday and you must come to my party!"

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