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Spirals, spirals, the way it feels.
We keep moving on.


At a place where no one hears

At a time when no one sees

Waves flows down along with tears

And a full lovestruck world begins

There is a bitter metaphor

That let the days drip off the sun

And all the dreams that we adore

Were that full world that had begun

Spirals, spirals

The way it is

We keep going on

Spirals, spirals

The way it feels

We keep moving on

At a place where the night ends

At a time when stars burn down

Hearts open along with men

Voices become an only sound

There is a late evening laughter

That let the talks come back to live

And made the words become lighter

So the voices again could breathe

Spirals, spirals

The way it goes

We keep advancing

Spirals, spirals

The way it loves

We keep on wishing

At the center of the circle

The warm beating of living souls

That noise so soft and so little

A small echo of it still falls

At the top of the sky

Dazzling embraces in the heat

Holding close whatever comes by

Turning it into years so sweet


The way it was

We keep on learning

Spirals, spirals

The way it shows

We keep on spinning.

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