What Lies Beyond?
What Lies Beyond?  yabc1 stories

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This is for the YA contest so if you did like it a like would be so very appreciated. The main idea behind was that death, be it just an idea or an actual being, may not be so bad.

What Lies Beyond?

by blueduckk

I opened my eyes and saw the sun's light as it fractured through vivid leaves. Despite the sun hanging high in sky it was cold, bone cold but somehow I didn't quite feel it.

I knew I was lying down I knew I should get up, but I couldn't lift my arms or legs, they were numb, not from the cold I just couldn't will them to move, like they were being held down by rocks.

I struggled for awhile, a battle between my willpower and the invisible hands holding me down, but nothing I did helped. I was stuck. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I relaxed and listened to the sounds of the forest, the birds, the wind singing through the boughs, until...footsteps on the soft soil and the brushing of autumn leaves on fabric.

The sounds were coming closer, movement still alluded me. I couldn't do anything.

A hand pushed onto my stomach, it wasn't cold but it sent shivers through my muscles and the heavy palm lifted the invisible anchors holding my limbs down. I could move again.

I shoot up and gulped in a deep breath. Funny I thought, I wasn't breathing. I looked at the figure that released me from my binds and was rather surprised to say the least

It was a pale man in a long white robe. He looked neither young nor old but eternal. The world seemed to bend around him in respect and somehow I knew, somehow it clicked, he was Death. He smiled

"Are you...are you..." I tried to get the words out but their was no air in my lungs, the man smiled a kind old smile. "That means I'm..." another warm smile. I wanted to cry but I had no tears

"What lies beyond?" The first full sentence I could muster. The man answered this time in a warm voice that seemed to dance in the wind and summon the clouds.

The sun got brighter at his voice until all I could see was a blinding whiteness as his eternal voice echoed "EVERYTHING!"

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