You've Compromised my Stream of Conciousness
You've Compromised my Stream of Conciousness romance stories

bluecanary A hopeless romantic, or just hopeless
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I thought I'd share this poem first to help me get comfortable with sharing my work. As the title suggests, I thought of it as I wrote it, and didn't stop to think. This makes me a little less attached to it as a poem, but don't be afraid to give any critique, I promise I can take it!

You've Compromised my Stream of Conciousness

I don't want to feel anything other than you when I wake up and see our kids getting their new clothes all dirty and spilling things everywhere and you with your hair all frazzled

And your face tired but still unbelievably pretty even through the relentless motherhood and I'd help you the best I could but it still wouldn't be easy but who ever said the best things are easy,

JFK sure didn't,

he went to the moon cause it was hard, and this beautiful and terribly hard trip to the moon is only worth it if you are with me

But thats never going to happen because I can't give you the things that you need, or maybe I could but I shouldn't because somebody else needs me very much and you need somebody else very much

But every now and then I see in the way you look at me when you lay your head down on the table and look up at me, your eyes half closed with sleep,

and you smile and play games with my fingers and we get yelled at but we do it anyway cause we just cant stop ourselves and wouldnt want to if we could

and now I'm feeling stupid cause its all just in my head, but my head is where all the fun happens.

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