starving for sunshine
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you left me starving for sunshine.

starving for sunshine

starving for sunshine blueberry_juice

I was the rain. I was gloomy and dull, there was no brightness left when I was around. oh honey, trust me I was the storm. I was the shadow.

I was the salt rubbing around in people's wounds. I was all the pain in the world. I was in dire agony, in utter despair.

....and then you came along.

you were the beam of sunshine in my rain. you brought brightness to my life. you were the calm after the storm, quite literally.

you were the light to my shadow. the salt bringing pain was sweet with caramel around. with you there was no pain. I was pulled out from the depths of despair. I was finally complete

and just like that you were gone.

you left me searching for light. searching for the sweet. longing for comfort. you built me up, and then you undid me. I unravelled like a thin thread.

how ironic. and when I finally let someone in, when I trusted someone. I shattered. you left me reaching for the warmth in the moonlight.

you left me starving for sunshine.

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