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***Warning contains a word that some deem offensive***
Is reality better than fairy tales?


I’m tired of the love portrayed in all the movies,

It’s not how it happens,

People aren’t nice,

People don’t not break your heart,

People hurt you,

People make you want to hurt yourself,

Do all those love story’s point that out?

Does Cinderella talk about how she might, one day, probably soon, want revenge?

Does Rapunzel act awkward because she’s never been around men?

Does Mulan ever say I think I like her?

Of course not,

Because that wouldn’t sell,

That would show people reality,

Maybe I’m just bitter,

But I’m tired of it,

Tired of all of it,

I don’t want to read it,

I don’t want to think about it,

I don’t want it,

Anywhere near me or my thoughts,

Not because I don’t like the pretty pictures those story’s paint,

But because they give me false hope,

Hope that that’s how reality really is,

That all people fall in love that easy,

That there are no tears,

That you don’t have to work to make it last,

I want that to be true,

Because that’s what all those movies said,

But it’s not,

Real love hurts and it kills and, sometimes, it never stops hurting,

So yeah I’ll ignore all those movies,

The ones that say it’s just that easy,

That there really aren’t any tears,

That she always falls for a male,

Because I’m really fucking tired of it,

Aren't you?

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