Ode to the birth
Ode to the birth infant stories

bloodyocean Community member
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The nature's perception of the human kind (may have mistakes, feedback appreciated)

Ode to the birth

Cries and sobs fill the void as the creature was born

The soil trembling, distressed over the fate that lies in wait

Soon the infant beast that has been born will destroy them;

They know he will be taught all sorts of art, both malice and fright

The trees howl in pain as they knew surely he will choose what his ancestors had chosen

The birds of the air cover and hide in their nests so they can rest

but for a moment until the inevitable destruction falls upon them.

The reptiles writhed as they perceive that the little vile thing would be more cold blooded like the ones who had begotten it

They can but wait with patience until this despicable kind ends their misery and pain by destroying them or

Hope against all hopes for the new-born to not be the abomination it is meant to be.

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