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blondee Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
Just some poetry I spat out. Haha, hope you enjoy it. :)

The Fly on The Wall

That Goddamned buzzing of the fly; it's driving me insane.

I sit here and wait, but for what?

The seconds turn to minutes, within a blink, the night is gone.

And once again, I sit here, overthinking, and all alone.

One might say that I've lost my way;

Which truly is a shame.

Yet, the little girl inside of me still holds on,

And I'm not entirely sure who to blame.

How do you find your way when you end up in an unfamiliar place?

Could one be forever lost, and never recognize a single face?

I pray that's not my tragic end, and I'm determined to find my way...

So, when I finally find you again,

please promise me you'll stay?

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