Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 4 <Megan>
Making Friends With The Devil
Pt. 4

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Part 4. Enjoy <3

Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 4 <Megan>

Luke's kitchen reminded Megan of one of those cooking shows. It had various matching steel appliances with an island in the middle. The floor was checkered black and white.

Fresh bisquits and maple sausage filled the air. Megan's mouth started to get wet.

"Whatcha cookin'?" she asked.

Luke's over-sized arms swung around, knocking a cup of spatulas all over the floor.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry-"

Megan jumped in to help Luke with the mess that she technically created.

"You scared me." said Luke.

Megan smiled.

"I can see that." They both laughed.

"I'm whipping up some bisquits and gravy with a side of sausage and some fresh fruit. How does that sound, are you hungry?" said Luke.

"Bisquits and gravy....My fave-y! How'd you guess?" She shot him a sarcastic look.

Luke chuckled at her attempt to be funny.

"Well believe it or not, the recipe is an old family recipe. I can guarantee you've never had anything like it. They're the best in the West."

They both giggled.

"Well let's test that theory. I'm starved." said Megan. Luke fixed a plate for each of them and pulled another barstool up to the island.

"Mind if I sit here?" asked Luke.

Megan laughed.

"This is your house. But I don't mind. Thank you for breakfast."

"It's the least I could do." Luke said.

The two devoured their breakfast in silence. They probably couldn't get any words in between the shovels of food, even if they tried.

Megan and Luke jumped off their stools in unison.

"I'll get that." said Luke, offering to take Megan's plate.

"So I think we should talk now. I'm sure you're pretty confused at this point." said Luke.

"Yeah, with one thing..." Megan's voice trailed off.

"Only one? What might that be?" Luke, curious in her response, turned from the sink and walked back toward her.

"Why didn't you kill me?"

Their eyes remained locked. She was searching for an answer in his eyes but something stopped her from finding it.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Their eyes still locked, but something in the air felt different. It's safe to say they were equally worried about the possibilities of who the hell was knocking on the door.

Knock! Knock! KNOCK!

The knocks were getting louder. They stood frozen, unsure of their next move. Should she scream for help? Or did Luke save her?

"Lucas open this damned door! Helllooooo?! LUCAS!" The voice was that of a woman.

"Fuck. It's Julia." said Luke. She knew by the look on his face it had to be his girlfriend, maybe ex-girlfriend. Megan's mind went erratic for a second until,

"I thought that voice sounded familiar!" she was trying to whisper but was very intense.

"Julia, as in-Jules? I'm pretty sure she works in my husband's office as a secretary or something. Every time I'd call his office Jules was always the one that answered.

I know that voice all too well. What the hell would she be doing here?" asked Megan.

"There's no way it's her. I would've known if she was working in your husband's office. But we're still going to avoid this entirely by not answering the door.

How's that sound? She's my ex and it'd be easier to try and swerve this..." Megan sensed that Luke was being genuine about what he said.

She nodded in agreement and Luke asked, "I know you don't know me, but I need you to know that you can trust me. You have my word." Luke offered his hand to her.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

Megan took his hand and nodded.

"Good, now c'mon." He led Megan out of the kitchen and down the hall. Why was he headed toward the front door? He turned to Megan and held his finger to his lips, indicating to be silent.

The two were tiptoeing across his house like children, trying not to giggle.


"Luke, I know you're in there! Open this fucking door!" Her voice sounded vicious the closer they got to it.

As they passed by the front door they both froze once again, and listened. Was that-?

"Ha! I knew I had a key somewhere! Luuke! Where are-oh, I see. You have a friend over. Well isn't that nice.

Is that bisquits and gravy I smell? Well why don't you offer some to your guest?" Julia's eyes were glossy and soulless. She was definitely drunk. Or high. Or both.

"What are you doing, Julia? Get the fuck out." Luke demanded.

"Fine, but first I must meet your friend. She seems awfully shy for your type." Julia said.

Megan remained hidden behind Luke, like a shield, scared to move. That voice....

"Get out." Luke demanded, once more.

Julia's heels hit the ground hard as she headed toward Luke and Megan.

"I just want to meet her-"

Megan's eyes grew wide as Julia grabbed her by the arm in attempt to see her face.

"Jules...hi." ...So it was her.

"Oh my God. Mrs.-"

"-Thomas? What are you doing here? Oh my God, are you like, trying to get back at me for sleeping with Michael? I'm sorry it happened but you went and found my ex-boyfriend to get back at me?"

Hahaha! Wait until Michael hears about this! He'll have a fit! Hahaha!"

"You slept with my husband?" asked Megan.

Julia stopped laughing. The room fell silent.

"Since when do you work for Michael Thomas? I thought you were working that job for that Peter Dawson guy? What the fuck? How did I miss that?" asked Luke.

The early morning California breeze swept in and around them. The door was still wide open. Each of them confused, but for very different reasons.

To be continued! I hope you are enjoying it so far! Thanks for reading! <3

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