Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 7

Making Friends With The Devil 
                                             Pt. 7 devil stories

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Part 7, I hope you like. <3

Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 7

Megan sat up and looked around.

It was dark and she felt like she'd been asleep for a year. How long had she been sleeping? Where was she?

"Hello?" she called out into the black abyss.

"I was wondering when you'd come around, Mrs. Thomas. Or should I call you Megan?"

The walls glowed a dim sky-blue color and it reminded Megan of where she was.

"Megan is fine. Thanks Anabelle. Uh, so where's he at?" she asked, rubbing her eyes. "And, how long have I been asleep?"

"Lucas went off to work. And you have been sleeping for approximately 28 hours. It's currently Sunday, August 18, 8:02am."

"28 hours? That's incredible. Could you turn a light on for me? He works on Sundays?" Megan stood up as the room lit up.

"Lucas works every day." Anabelle responded.

"What happened? Where did all the pictures go?"

"You felt ill. I will help you back upstairs if you would like to shower and get some breakfast. You'll certainly feel a lot better."

Megan observed the room. All the pictures of her were gone. It looked like they had never been there. The wall was clean and free from any tac holes or left-over tape.

"Sure, that sounds good. Thanks."

She found her way back to the bizarre elevator and waited as Anabelle opened it for her. The ride up wasn't nearly as exhilarating as the ride down.

When she got to the top, she stepped out and turned to thank Anabelle, but the door was already closed, and appeared like it had when Luke first showed it to her.

In the kitchen she found a note on the counter that read:

"I had to go in to work for a few hours. Shouldn't be too long. There's plenty to eat, so fix yourself something. You won't be able to leave so please don't try. We need to talk before you do that. -L.B."

"Can't leave? Excuse me, I think I can do whatever I damn please."

That pissed Megan off. Who was he to tell her what she can and can't do? She ran down the hall toward the front door and tried to rip it open. The door wouldn't budge.

It seemed like it was unlocked. She move the lock the other way and pulled again, with all her strength. Still, it wouldn't budge.


She started hitting the door out of frustration until she had nothing left in her. Finally, she leaned against the wall and let the tears pour. She hadn't cried in months and it was obvious.

When she finally stopped she realized there was a window right there. She jumped up and ran to the window, but it, too, wouldn't budge.

The glass looked like it wouldn't be easy to break through. Feeling defeated she went back into the kitchen. She was halfway through her second yogurt when she heard footsteps.

"Nice to see you have risen from the dead. How's your hands? That door can be pretty feisty sometimes." He grinned with a sick look in his eyes. Was he watching her while he was gone, too?

"I guess I should have assumed you had cameras in here. How stupid of me." Megan finished her yogurt and tossed the empty container in the trash can.

"That would be a good assumption, but you're wrong. I just know you. Aside from that, the makeup tears that have stained your face are a good indication that someone pissed you off.

And like I said, I just know you."

"You don't know shit about me! I don't care if you have been watching me! Now what do you want? Talk. So I can be on my way...

Oh, and what happened to all those pictures downstairs? Looks like you went above and beyond to clean that up."

"What pictures?" Luke looked confused. Was he serious?

"You know what pictures! Stop fucking with me like this!" Megan screamed. She looked around, wondering if she could get by him and make a run for the door. It had to be open now, right?

"The door is open, go if you want to go. I'm not fucking with you. But you might want to look at these pictures before you go."

Luke unzipped his bag, pulled out a thick envelope, and dropped it on the countertop.

"But I should warn you, they aren't pretty."

Megan stepped toward the counter. What could possibly be in that envelope? Did it even matter? Was he just trying to distract her so she can't leave? She took another step toward the counter.

She stared anxiously at the envelope, then back at Luke.

"If they're anything like the ones from downstairs, I imagine they're not."

To be continued...

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