Everyday. You’re so far away.
Everyday. You’re so far away.  relationships stories

blondee Community member
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Because I have no other way to say the things I need to say...

Everyday. You’re so far away.

I beg, and plead, and try to play...every time you look away.

This is your definition of okay?

Why don’t you have anything to say?

I’m so young but you force me to feel gray.

I’m writing this stupid shit for you and still have so much I can say.

I fucking hate how I can cry all day. But you. You seem to be quite okay.

But when I try to leave, you force me to stay.

And you still don't want to play.

Why are you acting this way?

It's 5 am and already you've ruined my day.

I'm still trying to be okay...

Life is what I make it, isn't that what they say?

So I try, and try, and pretend I'm okay.

But in the end.... You're still so far away...

Thank you for reading. </3

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