RednBlack #II
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blodhgrama SheWearsSmellOfBloodAndDeathLikeAPerfume
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Sit straight, behave, look perfect... JUST BE PERFECT

RednBlack #II

Sit straight, behave, look perfect, hide your emotions, stay cold-hearted, don’t trust anyone.

The list went on and on with every night story, with every tear, with every stumble of weakness. Until only unspoken words, untold dreams and secret wishes were left hidden.

Until there was only power.

I wanted to end it all, to escape, to destroy. I was tired of pretending that I was unbreakable, fearless and perfect.

It was an early spring season, reviving nature blew the pleasant odor in the air. The sun was climbing higher and higher in the sky vault and the weather becoming warmer with every passing day.

It was a brisk morning, chilly wind bit my slim fingers and stroke my pale face. I pressed the small light green card against the device set next to the doors, with a loud buzz I entered the newly renovated building.

I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoyed the new look of the school. It whiffled newly painted walls and reminded me too much of a standard. You can call me old fashioned, but I way more preferred the aged, creaking floors when I walked down the hall and gray walls absorbed by a few decades of history, instead of ordinary looking one.

Taking off the black hat and slipping my hands out of leather gloves, I walked towards the stairs that lead to the cloakroom. It was still quiet, not many students used to come so early. I guess it was one of my traits, because I horribly hated tardiness.

I don’t know what it was that day that caused me to stop in my tracks. What could my senses, possibly realize that they didn’t figure out all those pass three years ago. But I stood there overwhelmed and frozen, watching Her.

And maybe it was that warm smile or her flickering blue eyes or maybe that soft voice of hers or that annoying thing she used to do with her hair from time to time. Or maybe all of it, finally putting all the pieces together.

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