The Fall
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blissfullxo run away with me?
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Sorry guys, it's sad content until I get out of this slump

The Fall

Just tell me you miss me

Even if you don’t

I look like the crazy one

It isn't fair you won't

Don’t laugh at me

while I’m in this state

You’re gone

I feel insane

E n r a g e d​

A s h a m e d

A lion with no cage

This is shit

it burns so damn bad

and you don’t entertain my spontaneous jabs

at trying to get us back

It’s my way of asking for your grasp

while I slip

off the cliff

where you kicked at my hands

meanwhile holding on to pure emptiness

You laughed and said “No chance”

I free fell off knowing I would die before I land

I’m gone now

so it’s alright

Yet you make me feel terrified

for the next victim in your path

of those big manly hands

The ones that belonged to me

The hands I loved to have and squeeze...

oh well, you are such a disease

In fact, the one that left me

with leprosy

This shitty poem is for you

Although you’ll never read it

I thought it was different with you

But now I’m defeated

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