His back (BillDip Series) Chapter 2🥰
His back (BillDip Series) Chapter 2🥰 bill x dipper stories
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Chapter 2

His back (BillDip Series) Chapter 2🥰

Till:” So brother what are you going to do with the pines twins?” Bill:”Nothing...I promise Nill I won’t do anything to the pine trees family or friends.” Till:” What a bummer” Bill:” Not really Till have you seen Nill? Or Billy?” Till:” Nill is with Dad,Billy i don’t know.”

•••Pause••• Till is A girl and a sister of bill. Billy is A girl and a little sister of bill. Nill is A boy and a brother of bill. Till is 1,593 Years old Billy is 620 years old Nill is 2,592 years old Bill is 1,620 years old. That’s in there triangle form.

In human form. Bill is 16 years old Nill is 25 years old Billy is 6 years old Till is 15 years old ••••unpause••••

Bill:” I am bored. I wanna do something” Till:” Fuck Pine-“ Bill slap her softly kinda hard-is way on her cheek Bill:” Gross!” Till:” Not really it’s natural for humans to fuck” Bill:”You. I don’t even know” Till:”C’mon let’s ask dad if Me,You,Billy,And Nill if we can go to gravity falls again” Bill:” Everyone hates me there”

Till:”Not pine tree so come one!” Bill:” Fine..” What does she mean Not pine tree? Does pine tree not hate me? ••*With there Father*•• Father(B.J):” What is it?” Till:” We we’re wondering if we all can go take a trip back to gravity falls just me,Bill,Nill, And Billy”

Father(B.J):” ....Hm....Okay just keep an EyE on Billy for me alright?” Bill:” Yes Father” There father opens a portal Father(B.J):”Billy!!!!!” Billy:” Yes father?” Father(B.J):”Wanna go with them?” Billy:”Yas!!!” Okay okay...I am nervous...🥴 ...I sigh...

*In gravity falls* Bill:”Looks the same so why don’t we go back home” turns around to see the portal still there. Billy:”Nu!” Pulls bill arm. Billy:” pwease start🥺?” Gives the puppy eyes. Bill:”F-Fine” Till:”Stanley!!! STANFORD!!!” Stanley:” Who are- Bill.” Stanford:”what are you doing here bill.”

Bill:”See what I mean?! Why can’t I go back home? I didn’t want to come here anyway!” Stanford:” what? What is going on!” Till:”I am till I am bill’s sister!” Nill:”Nill There older sibling” Billy hids behind Nill Billy:”B-Billy” says shyly Stanford:”Family? Where’s the parents Bill?” Bill:” Our mom died so it’s just are dad and my dad hates gravity falls so he didn’t come”

Stanley:”Oh? Why?” Bill stays in silence Nill:”That’s not of your business and bill made a promise to me so I know he wouldn’t break it if he did I will kill his ass so put it in the past or keep it in memory which that is stupid if you ask me” Stanford:”We will put it in the past for now,But if you touch my nephews I will kill each and everyone of you”

Billy:”B-But I wanna p-play T-tag!” Stanford:”Shit...fine just don’t hurt them okay?” Billy:” Why would I hurt them?!” Bill:”Don’t question it” To be continue TBC

Sorry it is short? I hope you enjoyed 😊 I am generally in a happy mood right now which is rare if you know me. Bai kpop crew/Shadow crew!💜🏳️‍🌈❤️ 🥰

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