We're messed up

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I wrote this about a group chat I'm in full of messed up kids that have brought me more comfort IBM the last few weeks than my family in the last few months

We're messed up

by blessingshadle

The group chat is full of psychos

We are just teens with no sense of direction, but when I'm with them in our electric world loneliness leaves me.

We aren't friends

Maybe we aren't close and I don't know everything I want to. We are not friends. We are not a family. Yet, I feel our closeness as if we were touching. Always.


We are always touching, talking, breathing in the same room although we are states apart. An ocean separates me front them yet we eat lunch together everyday.


None of us truly exist, none of them are here, we are not one. They mean more to me than the people I can feel, but I know they cannot be more than my imagination.

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I have more friends online than in the flesh and I feel a lot closer to them than the people i know great writing

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This was a poem of such sensitive truths, it brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful is it to have people you can reach out to in an electronic circle. Your descriptions give me great joy and great hope. Wonderful story!!!~!~!