as it is in heaven by bleakshoes (ruth)
as it is in heaven

by bleakshoes (ruth) religion stories

bleakshoes ruth • 18 • she/they
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a poem about trying to find religion and discovering something else entirely.

as it is in heaven by bleakshoes (ruth)

i wish i could believe in a God.

some almighty Creator, watching over us all.

i listen to songs that sing praises of Him or Her or Them

and though i try to feel it, i cannot.

my head swims with too many questions

too many doubts

too many words.

when i pray, i feel empty

and when i go down my rosary

all i feel are the "hail marys" reverberating in my throat.

i have tried to believe in so many Gods

so many afterlives

so many sacred texts.

i have even tried to believe

in magick

and crystals

and auras.

religion evades me

as does the superstitious.

the only belief i hold

is in the world around me.

the closest i have ever felt to a God

was with my feet in a stream

and a pencil in my hand.

the Earth is our Mother,

the Universe our Creator.

are the Gods beneath our feet

and in our hands

and above our heads

not enough?

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