Unworthy (of a title)
Unworthy (of a title)  sad stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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No fiction, just desperation.

Unworthy (of a title)

Writing an homage, to the newly bestowed patronage,

to the banks of my mind, and to the misguided "altruism" that I've left behind.

All you did was make me think,

about the time you were just standing by, idle broken strangled by fate scared to reach out scared to look inside

how I had to take you in with brutal pressure, forcing you to spill everything you held inside and you did, with barely any chance for the fire to subside you kept going on and on about your "treasure"

that sunk right before your eyes, how it dared to leave you alone to not throw you any bone after you broke her thin floor of ice

you rejected my help in the first place it made you feel bad that you couldn't do the same for me I gladly accepted it, I needed you to save face to help set you on the path to glee

I was there days and nights killing fear with a passion forgeting any other attraction showing you the glowing lights

you were there on ocassion throwing repetitive advice at me "the sun always shines after the intrusion of hail and rain over the clear sky", do you believe that makes me happy?

you started believing everything I said because everything came true I struggled to take you seriously when I heard that the sun would outshine the moon

for weeks on end you kept waiting for a chance to regain a friend in that time you filled another with self-hatred and lack of help

but your chance came through and it worked out fine it was enough to make me happy to finally see you fulfilled and with a smile

she was back at your side a while ago you promissed that together you'll help me out whenever

it took you less than three weeks to smash her trust again to tear her fellings open but this time for good

not even her name is mentioned anymore nor what you did I still don't know so much for trust, you know?

And now the cycle starts anew with an even greater love of yours a worse time for me more dumb drama, more secrets to keep, more bonds to break

but one thing stays the same a single guy that started pulling you towards help

a guy you always had left a guy you trusted a guy you tell everything to a guy you didn't want to think was taken for a fool a guy that was always on your side

a guy that soon might die

but you knew that, yet... you can't stop me, right?

like you said it's on me to decide if I'll do everything right you will surely find that just a few words were enough

you didn't have to call my bluff but you did

and now you know I don't bluff I keep my word for you

I'll make you happy then I'm done after that you can try to convince me that the sun will shine and that the day will be bright while I'm put down next to the robe of a priest and the habit of a nun.

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