Unity in thought, unity in defeat
Unity in thought, unity in defeat unity stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Only when everyone understands we can take the right path.

Unity in thought, unity in defeat

Similar thoughts are raised by thundering yells.

Revolution in mind, righteousness in heart, and justice burning in eyes they all gather to talk about the problems that are piling up in todays society.

They are all agreeing with eachothers points and ideas. Consensus is reached in mere minutes about how it should all be solved.

When push comes to shove they all scream toghether against what they deem wrong.

And they scream and scream...

Never giving up...

Never standing down...

And never once being listened to...

Eventually they back down, they regroup and reflect.

No man can change what has been built up in generations of maliciousness. No molds can be broken without new ones. No child can be taught self-acceptance by people who lived with none.

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