The cocktail conondrum
The cocktail conondrum feelings stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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The normal you is rarely enough.

The cocktail conondrum

Pick your poison and pour another glass. Forget about what's around, let the true you out.

Effervescent personality, a bit chattier than usual, somewhat charismatic, pretty fun to be around overall.

After the night is over and the memories begin to blurr, it all starts to merge together in a single rage filled sentence:

"They like me better when I'm not the normal me..."

Does that mean that you should give up drinking, or that you should do it more often?


Who cares really...

It's better to have people like you, so take another shot to the chest!

Who cares how you do it, just make some friends and be a normal, social human being.

Take another to the chest, try to ignore the lack of rest, embrace the "true" you, the good you, the funny side, that can actually decide, to not care or prepare any plan and go with the flow,

and ignore the bellow, of a fragmented mind.

Or you could just give up drinking

but where's the fun in that...

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